The Difference Between Commercial Electrical Installations and Industrial Electrical Installations

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The terms “industrial electrician” and “commercial electrician” are confused for being the same. The terms “Industrial Electrician” and “Commercial Electrician” are frequently used to refer to the same types of professionals and are frequently taken to mean the same thing; however, they are different types of specializations that call for particular training and are employed in different types of professional settings. Both industrial and Commercial Electrical Installations require specific training on top of the basic electrical knowledge. We at Prime Electrics understand the difference between two applications and that is why we have a dedicated team for both.
Of the two, majority of the tasks are Commercial Electrical Installations such as retail store fronts, hotels and shopping areas. The main purpose of this type of electrical installation is to ensure that the wiring and electrical components of the structure are operating efficiently. Our commercial electricians are capable of working on a higher voltage system or a generator that accompanies a large heating or air conditioning unit. The safety and proper operation of the building’s electricity and power, as well as the lighting, air conditioning, and heating, are typically ensured by these electricians.

On the other hand, an industrial electrician is something entirely different. Our industrial electricians have had years of training to ensure the required accuracy and precision. Industrial electricians are trained to handle extremely high voltage systems as well as tiny micro currents. These electrical components are often attached to or part of a facility machinery that is both crucial and expensive. Industrial electricians work primarily to maintain the efficiency and safety of critical equipment in factories and other industrial settings. Unlike commercial and domestic electricians where minor mistakes can be easily fixed, a mistake caused by an industrial electrician may result in very expensive damages. 

What are the key differences between industrial and commercial electricians?

Commercial electricians are experts at performing repairs and maintenance on electrical systems in commercial settings, whereas industrial electricians are skilled at troubleshooting issues in industrial settings. While both types of electricians have a similar educational background, industrial electricians must take a more extensive course that takes longer to complete.

Commercial buildings are open to a wide range of people often 24 hours a day. That means Commercial Electrical Installations have to be as safe as possible because an accident may put hundreds of lives in danger. We at Prime Electric realize the sensitivity of both fields and that is why we have electricians that are specially trained. For expert services at affordable rates, you are welcome to contact us.

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