The Wide Range of Services for Electrical Installations

domestic electrical installation

Electrical Installations can be difficult and that is why you need to rely on only professional services for such tasks. You can search by “electrician near me” and we as Prime Electrics will be with on your “one-stop” solution for all your electrical installation related tasks. Our trained, experienced and properly certified staff is capable of catering to a wide range of tasks some which are discussed below.

Panel Upgrades:-

Electrical panel upgrades are required to avoid electrical problems caused by the installation of modern, technologically advanced appliances in older homes. Modern electrical panels are considered more reliable and safe as compared to older models.

Circuits or Upgrades:-

If you notice that circuit breakers trips frequently this may signify a fault in your electrical circuit. You are safe from electrical hazards as long as your breaker functions properly therefore it is better to let our qualified electricians check your electrical installations and perform upgrades where necessary.

Installing Fans:-

Ceiling fans may seem like a simple and lightweight appliance but don’t let their looks fool you – they are heavy, and installing them can be time-consuming and complicated. On the contrary, ceiling fans are heavy and installing one can be a difficult task. To avoid dangerous accidents, you should leave ceiling fan installations to professionals. Similarly, exhaust fan installations presents their own challenges. Exhaust fans help to control odors as well as temperature and moisture in your home, which can cause damage, mold, and mildew. Prime Electrics is more than capable of handling all kinds of fan installations. We make sure all fan installations are done with extreme care.


Having a generator on standby is a good idea especially in areas most effected by extreme weather conditions and subsequent power loss. Generators aren’t only beneficial for your home but to your business as well. Our experts have experience in generators of all sizes for both commercial and residential use.

This is only a glimpse of the variety of services that Prime Electrics is capable of providing. We are also open to building contractors who a require all kinds of electrical installations for new constructions or loft conversions.

Common Problems In Electrical Installations

Every remodeling project comes with a strong chance of additional costs due to mistakes. Some common mistakes or problems could happen to electrical installation projects. Electrical errors made during remodeling projects or installation services can be extremely dangerous, posing a serious fire hazard to your home and threatening to cost you a lot of money and time to fix. But it could get worse if you let somebody do this task without having the expertise or enough knowledge to do the project.

This could be alarming, especially if you are a customer who ensures safety for yourself and the people within your vicinity.

Here are the common mistakes that happen on electrical installation projects:

Uncertain Wirings

Ensure that the staple that holds your electrical wirings are driven to a specific degree. If your electrician failed to do this, the wires could end up loosening. Additionally, tight-driven staples can also cause damage to the wires. Precision is needed to master this task. 

Incorrect Wiring Sizes

Wrong wiring sizes can mess up your electrical installation. This mistake can also result in more damage, such as overheating or starting a fire. Each wiring size has a purpose, and it is mainly built to withstand and carry electrical current. Usually, thicker wire means more current it can carry. 

Incorrect Wiring Length

Installing the correct wiring length is necessary and should only be entrusted to professional electricians since they know what length of wiring should be used. Wrong wiring lengths can cause serious issues that are also costly. The wrong installation can also result in improper strips that can interrupt electrical connections or cause short circuits.

To ensure that mistakes won’t take place in your electrical installation projects, you should hire professional electricians like us. We at Prime Electrics are London’s trusted electrical projects. We can handle the electrical works at your home safely, and nothing to worry about.