The Role of Emergency Lighting in Preventing Dangerous Conditions

role of emergency lights

Why do we need emergency lighting? Under certain conditions, such as a storm, you may have to bear power loss leaving you and your family in complete darkness. In such cases, darkness will only exacerbate the situation by making people panic and increase their likelihood of injury or death.

To cover for the temporary loss of electricity many homes and offices are equipped with emergency lights that automatically illuminate. These lights are especially important if the occupants of building have to evacuate the premises after their power has been cut. As per law all residential hotels, clubs, hospitals, schools, colleges, shops and other public buildings should have an emergency lighting system in place. That’s why as a business owner, you have a responsibility to provide emergency lights in your business premises.

Emergency lights can be further categorized as the following:-

1-Emergency Escape Lighting:-

This system specifically focuses on providing illuminations to people who are leaving a building to avoid a potentially dangerous situation in the absence of the main power supply. According to the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, all buildings must come equipped with escape lighting.

Normally, an emergency escape lighting system should include the following: 

  • Exit doors
  • Intersection of corridors
  • Emergency escape signs
  • Stairways
  • Changes in floor level

2-Standby Lighting:-

This system allows normal activities to continue if the main power supply is somehow interrupted. Standby lighting is not a legal requirement, but is important nonetheless.

3-Escape Route Lighting:-

This system works along with the escape lighting system to ensure that occupants can effectively find the escape route from a building (e.g., corridors and stairways) in the event of an emergency.

4-Anti-Panic Emergency Lighting:-

This system is put in place to minimize panic by providing sufficient illumination to allow occupants to reach a safe place.

5-High Risk Task Area Lighting:-

It is a type of emergency lighting designed to keep people safe during a potentially dangerous process or situation. This system also makes sure that people working in a high risk area are provided constant illumination thereby reducing the chances of accidents.

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