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PAT Testing FAQs

Our team decided to provide a thorough explanation for you to understand all about PAT Testing Services. This article will not only provide interesting facts about PAT Testing FAQs but will also give you clarification of its importance to your safety and your business.

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What is PAT Testing?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) describes the process of examining various electrical appliances and equipment. The purpose of this is to ensure that the appliances or equipment are eligible and are fully functioning without having safety issues. 

It usually consists of three steps:

  • Regular, informal inspections by the user(s) of the electrical equipment
  • A thorough visual examination of the equipment. Visual examination is considered an essential process of  Testing. Visual examination perfectly works for devices that couldn’t be examined by testing alone.
  • A manual inspection of the equipment using a portable appliance tester device     (the PAT test)

A series of brief user checklists is relatively useful for electrical maintenance. However, it is said that testing is most effective when a professional electrician does it. Appliances that pass the test are considered safe to use until the next test. The equipment is marked with a sticker that says Pass or Fail, as well as the next test date.

How often should I do PAT Testing?

There are no guidelines for how frequently your equipment should be PAT tested. It is entirely up to the ‘duty holder’ (the person in charge of electrical equipment) to assess the risk level and determine the frequency of inspections. The number of times you can do the testing depends on the type of equipment you have, plus the environment you are using it. For instance, equipment such as power tools is often examined compared to smaller devices such as bedroom lamps in hotels.

Does new equipment need testing?

It is not required for new equipment to undergo testing especially if they are stored in a safe condition. However, a brief or simple visual examination is strongly recommended to ensure that the equipment is safe from damage.

How Can I Access Prime Electrics PAT Testing Services?

PAT Testing services can be performed anytime. You can reach us via email at: enquiry@primelectrics.co.uk

You can give us a call at 0203 489 9592 or 07931 813 749 or visit our list of services for more: https://primelectrics.co.uk/services-electrical/

Is this Testing required by law?

No. There is no certain law that requires the testing of new or frequently used equipment. This is mandatory and optional, but it is highly recommended if you want to maintain the life and longevity of your daily-used devices or equipment. However, the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 place a responsibility on employers to maintain in a safe condition any electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury