Need Emergency Lights

Need Emergency Lights

Do You  Need Emergency Lights in Your Home?

Emergencies are unpredictable and inevitable. Danger could occur even in the comfort of your home. The choices for safety measures at home can range up to the extreme.

Just like smoke alarms, it is understandable that we need emergency lights that can detect danger before it bursts into flames. We all know that emergency lights are a must in a commercial establishment, but do we also need emergency lights at home? 

Emergency lights will not only keep you safe in an emergency but will also allow you and your loved ones to go about your daily lives during a power outage. When the power goes out, it will kick in to illuminate the building. You won’t have to worry about going to different rooms or going up the stairs in the dark. Plus, they’re more energy-efficient, which means they’re less expensive, and they last much longer than standard bulbs. 

In the UK, there are no present laws and regulations that require the installation of emergency lights in private or domestic properties, specifically in homes. Therefore, it is upon your decision to have emergency lights on your property. Well, most people are considering this idea, especially those who want to be extra careful. 

Consider these guidelines for adding emergency lights for your safety:

  • Do you have wide-open spaces? If you’re installing emergency lights to illuminate a large space when there is a power outage, you’ll need emergency lights to illuminate the entire space rather than just a few sections of it.
  • Do you have rooms that don’t have access to natural light? This could areas such as contained corridors and anywhere else where there are no windows.
  • Do you have rooms that don’t have direct exit points? Specifically a basement room. 

But if you want to be extra careful, you could install an emergency security lighting system everywhere you desire. May it be in your pantry so you can get to it when the power goes loose, on the staircases, or anywhere there is a small change in floor level.

If you also consider your home as a domestic establishment you could see or plan where the need emergency lights should be placed. Again, it is your home, and you are free to do more than the extra, especially if you prioritize your safety.

With no regulations to dictate to you, you can freely design and decide the type of lighting you can have in your home as well as the number of lights you want to install to provide sufficient lighting and meet your goal. If you are aiming to have the quality of exit signs and need emergency lights in your home similar to domestic establishments, we recommend that you install lights with clear and understandable signs. Moreover, the fun part of having emergency signs in your home is that you can modify them according to your preferences. It means that you can have traditional emergency lights or colorful LED strips that could be set as exit signs.

For installation of various emergency devices in your home or business establishments, don’t hesitate to reach us! We are one call away to answer your electrical concerns.