Most Common Reasons for Emergency Call Outs/ Breakdowns

emergency callout electrician

Unlike most phone calls, a call to your local electrician is never a joyful one. Often it is the case, that the power in your home is out and you and your family are left in dark. Without heating or cooling in your home, things can get uncomfortable. Ever since the widespread use of electricity in our homes, we have become so widely accustomed to its use that we only realize it importance when our supply is suddenly cut. Prime Electrics receives requests for Emergency Call Outs/Breakdowns almost every day, and we have never left a single customer stranded in the dark. If you have witnessed any of the following incidents, you may need to get in touch with us on an urgent basis.

If your Circuit Breaker has Tripped Call Emergency Call Outs :-

This may seem like a trivial problem if you know your way around the circuit breaker box. Nonetheless, we still get numerous calls of people who are unaware of how their circuit breaker works. When a circuit attempts to provide more power than it is capable of, the breaker will most likely trip, and power will be lost in a specific area of the home. Many people are already aware that if power goes out in a specific area at random, the circuit is most likely to blame, and the circuit box is immediately checked. Even if you do know how to turn the breaker back on you should still get it checked by our experts to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.

Sudden Power Loss: –

When you’re away from home and the lights go out, you’re likely to panic, but you can feel the same way when you’re at home and an unexpected blackout occurs. If you experience a sudden loss of electricity in your home you should check if your neighbours or surrounding homes are also experiencing the same. If the whole street is out then there is very little we can do and it’s better to get in touch with your power company. However, if it’s just your home we will be more than happy to help will all kinds of emergency call outs/ breakdowns. They’ll solve the problem quickly and get it working again soon.

Apart from the obvious problems mentioned above, there may be problems lurking in your electrical installations that may only result in slight flickering and power fluctuation. This may seem like a nuisance, but in reality, it is a bigger problem waiting to happen. Electrical problems can be unexpected and frightening, but you can handle any situation if you know who to call. For all kinds of emergency call outs/ breakdowns please get in touch with Prime Electrics right away!

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