Everything you Need to Know about CCTV Installations

Electrician for CCTV installation

CCTV systems are common in public places such as shops, car parks and pubs for years. If you care about the safety of your family or business, installing CCTV is one of the most important things you can do. With recent developments, the whole process has become very easy and economical. As a result of which having a CCTV setup at home has become standard part of an increasing number of homes across the UK. Below are some important details that you need to know if you are considering securing your home with a CCTV Systems.

The Different Types of CCTV Systems: –

Your CCTV Systems can either be “wired” or “wireless”. The most common and cheapest systems are wired systems. These systems incorporate a direct connection from the camera to the monitor. The footage can either stay on the hub for later viewing or be sent to a network outside of the home. Users can watch the video live or later on the network. Since the signal won’t be blocked by walls, wired security camera systems are ideal for installing multiple cameras in various rooms of the house as well as outside. However, considering the possible distance between the two devices installing lengthy wires is often difficult.

On the other hand, a wireless home CCTV Installations has cameras capable of transmitting recorded material to your device (such as mobile phones and PCs) using wireless technology. These cameras are usually connected to your devices through a mobile app. These cameras offer high quality videos but are generally more expensive. The footage generated from a CCTV system is usually stored on a PC hard drive or a standalone digital video recorder (DVR). PC hard drives come with appropriate software to view images or playback videos that is why they are more common. Wireless cameras are also more adaptable than wired systems because they are not as constrained by wires. Cameras can be easily rearranged. The entire system can even be relocated, which is ideal for renters. Because there is no wire connecting the cameras to the hub, intruders or thieves cannot cut it.

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