Common Misconceptions Regarding PAT Testing

PAT Testing

PAT or Portable Appliance Testing is the process of examining electrical appliances and equipment to verify that they are safe to use. PAT testing is an important process to ensure the electrical safety in your home and should be part of every electrical maintenance scheme. Its goal is to keep workers safe from electrical hazards in the workplace. However, there is a lot of confusions surrounding the standard, we have discussed some of them below.

Do I need a professional to do this test?

Most electrical appliance defects can be uncovered after a simple visual examination. However, there can still be defects that are not obvious and may require professional services to uncover. The person performing the testing must have the necessary knowledge, skill and experience to avoid danger to themselves and others. Prime Electrics recommends that you allow our qualified staff to examine your appliance even if you may not be able to see any faults yourself.

Do I need to Test all my Appliance Every Year?

No. PAT testing is subjective to the appliance in question and the environment in which it is being used. Equipment that is more frequently used should be tested more frequently. This equipment is less likely to be damaged than regular equipment. When compared to stationary appliances, handheld appliances are more likely to sustain damage. For example, a power tool being used in a construction site may need to be examined more frequently than a lamp in a hotel bedroom.

My Appliance is brand new, I don’t need any testing.

New electrical equipment may not need a complete PAT test. Nonetheless, you need to ensure a safe working environment for it and at least a simple visual check is recommended.

Is Pat Testing a Legal Requirement?

It is not necessary or required by law for PAT testing to be performed. The Electricity at Work Regulations of 1989 require that all electrical equipment that has the potential to cause injury needs to be maintained in a safe condition. Even though the PAT test is not a legal requirement, if an injury were caused due to an electrical risk in your workplace, it will point to your negligence, and in which case you will have broken the law, you will be imprisoned for two years and even unlimited financial penalty. So, it’s better be safe than sorry.
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